Xian Mt. Huashan Hiking trail

Are you in search of excitement and suspense in a miraculously beautiful landscape? If so, you should consider taking a journey to Mt.Huashan. The path through 'The Brilliant Mountain', situated near the city of Xi'an, makes...

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Lengkuas Island

With a total area of less than one hectare, people say Lengkuas Island cannot compete with the more prominent and proud Bali Island. However, this tiny island of idyllic landscape, palm trees and white rocks has its own brand of beauty. If you are in search for a small...

in: Indonesia

At the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula is the British Territory of Gibraltar (since 1704). Mostly everyone knows its landmark, the famous Rock of Gibraltar which European Explorers sailed past in the Mediterranean on their way to conquer (sorry, explore) new...

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Casa Do Penedo

Sick and tired of tours where modern architecture is symbolized by shiny buildings ''battling'' for the title of being the highest? If the sight of the sleek new does not wow you in any way, maybe a sight of peculiar will.

in: Portugal, Europe
Les Arcs

Looking for a destination where you can be surrounded by billions of snowflakes, forever solid glaciers and winter sports passionate people? Characterized as one of the ''mega resorts'' in the French Alps, Les Arcs is a a comfortable world-class ski paradise where the...

in: France

With an undeniable architectural legacy, a fast growing performing arts scene, Savannah is a name associated to American history maintained in a contemporary setting. The first state capital of the Province of Georgia was then one of the most active ports, an important...

in: United States of America

A summer resort born out of a man's dreams and dedication, Piriapolis has become a destination frequented for its amazing nature, opulent hotels as well as for its active nightlife. Initially called El Balneario del Porvenir, the Spanish name for the ''Resort of the...

in: Uruguay

Blazing not only when it comes to its volcanism, diverse in more than its famous megafauna, Yellowstone is widely regarded as the 1st National Park in the world. With untouched ecosystems, over 1000 archeological features and historical structures, the former home of...

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Aran Islands

Nicknamed the ''Sun of the West'', the Irish Aran Islands have the longest growing seasons because of their unusual climate where arctic can be found side by side with Mediterranean. Completely covered by ice during the last glaciation period, the present landscape is...

in: Ireland

Bearing the poetic name for the island of Atlas, Uruguay's Atlantida is a famous summer resort which served as an ideal location for those who wanted to flee the hostile environment in times of war. The beauty of the ''capital of the Golden Coast'' consists in the fact...

in: Uruguay
Phu Quoc Island

A quiet spot of land in the Gulf of Thailand, where temples and lighthouses honor the fishermen protecting goddess Thien Hau, Phu Quoc Island has gained fame through its economy centered around fishing.

in: Vietnam
Son Tra Peninsula

Homeland to the descendent of the dragons, Vietnam is a destinations where legends and fabulous creatures play a significant part in the culture as they are associated to the formation of the country's natural beauty.

in: Vietnam

Whether you heard the name Ennis in Dido's song ''Isobel'' or with reference to the descendents of king Brian Boru, the medieval streets of this attractive market town will bring you closer to what Irish culture deeply values. Once a regional capital, the ''island'' is...

in: Ireland
La Bambouseraie De Prafrance

In the world of plants, bamboo holds the record when it comes to growing. A symbol in many countries, used for multiple purposes, the exotic varied species are honored in the extravagance of the Bambouseraie de Prafrance.

in: France
Everglades National Park

A truly special park which needed artificial help in order to be accessible, Everglades National Park is the home of largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. With endangered and rare species living in a mosaic of ecosystems, Everglades was declared UNESCO...

in: United States of America
West Village, New York

Nicknamed since 1916 ''Little Bohemia'' the chic West side of Greenwich Village is combining the memory of old historic monuments with the modern approaches of today.

in: United States of America

Doolin is a small fishing village which aside from the raw countryside with magnificent surroundings including the Cliffs of Moher or the Doolin Cave is famed for being a muse.

in: Ireland
Glass Beach

Glass Beach is not a typical seashore where you sunbathe on the golden fine sands. This seashore is mostly visited after the storm because then is when its famous sea glass is best spotted.

in: United States of America
Punta Del Diablo

Declared one of the top cities to visit in 2008, the fishing village in proximity to the rocky point which brought it this unique name is a touristic magnet during summer, when population rises from 400 to no less than 20,000 people.

in: Uruguay
Staten Island Ferry, New York

An American symbol initially built for pragmatic use, the Staten Island Ferry is one attraction which never gets time-worn. Offering visitors free impressive views and the best angles to immortalize the Lower Manhattan skyline or the one of a kind Statue of Liberty...

in: United States of America
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