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Float on the Legendary Royal River

The Loire is Europe’s last untamed river and the biggest UNESCO listed site, 280 kilometers long, situated in France. It has been named World Heritage in the year 2000 because or its rich landscapes and the world-renowned architectural legacy of the whole valley. On the banks of the river one can admire Renaissance homes, medieval fortresses and a multitude of other amazing architectural monuments. The Loire Valley also known as the “Land of Kings” is famous for being the residence of the royals but also for its diversified vegetation and wild life. Because of the many festivals and events organized here, the Loire Valley has great cultural significance.

The Loire Valley is situated in the Nothern-Central part of France and includes three of France’s historical regions: Orleans, Berry and Touraine. On the 745 square kilometers, one can relax and enjoy the countryside, visit towns with great historical importance, taste the traditional food and wine.
Travelling downriver learn about the town Orleans, made famous by Joan of Arc, take pictures at dawn in the port Saint-Dye-sur-Loire and explore the rich lifestyle in the Chateau de Blois, the favorite residence of the royals of France: Louis XII, Francois I or Caterine de Medici. Discover different architectural style in the gothic cathedrals Chartres and Beurges, the feudal castle in Maintenon or in the Renaissance masterpieces found in Chateau de Chambord.
Since 1992, the Loire Valley hosts the International Garden Festival where you will feel like in a fairytale among the gardens with different themes. The “Festival des Flambarts” held in Dreux is another attraction, a colorful event with a carnival style parade.

When it comes to vegetation and wild life, the Loire Valley is a paradise with its green islets and moving sandbanks. It is home to different species of birds, beavers and turtles. There are several tropical plants growing here, including rare orchids and carnivorous plants.

Visiting the Loire Valley will not only give you a whole new insight when it comes to architectural wonders and French history. Once can relax playing a game of golf, going swimming or explore the vegetation and birdlife in and organized excursion by boat or hot-air balloon.

The Loire Valley is a complex of architectural wonder combined with natural beauty. Float on the royal river Loire and let it reveal its mystery and its undying stories.